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Concept of equipotential surface (00:00) Definition of equipotential surface (02:00) Question based on equipotential surface (11:35) Nature of equipotential surface (Point charge) (18:45) Equipotential surface (Infinitely long line charge) (25:14) Equipotential surface (Infinitely long line metal sheet) (28:58) Equipotential surface (Dipole ...

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Electric Field and Equipotential Lines(2) - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. An electron e moves along the solid path shown in the diagram of the equipotential lines of the electric field of two objects with charges of equal magnitude and opposite signs. The electron is closer to the positively charged object.

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Each charge is a source of electric field, and each conductor creates a boundary of constant potential – an equipotential. The electric field is a vector field r E(r) - a vector whose magnitude and direction are defined for every point of space r r r in the vicinity of the source. The pattern of this vector field is visualized by drawing lines Electrostatic Field Mapping Applet #2 NEW: This applet lets you place various charges, and automatically draws both electric field lines and equipotential lines. Interactive Java Applet: Electrostatic Force and Fields: This is a great dialogue and interactive segments to teach the concept of an electrostatic force and electric fields.

Electric Fields - 3 Figure 3: Electric Field and Electric Equipotential Lines for a Parallel Plate Charge Distribution (Note that the positive charge is on the Left and the negative charge is on the Right) Results and Questions Discuss the results of each of the two cases in terms of the properties of