Making stock solutions from solids virtual lab answers

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Remember that while the numerical answers may vary slightly, it is the process used to get those answers that is important. So, check your process! Data & Observations . Table 1: Data for Objects 1-4.

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ABSTRACT: . In this lab, there are several plates contain with various combinations of LB agar, ampiallin, and arabinose. E.coli is transformed with plasmids that have been modified, and E.coli is injected into the transformation solution, CaCl2. Virtual Labs will provide to the students the result of an experiment by one of the following methods (or possibly a combination) Modeling the physical phenomenon by a set of equations and carrying out simulations to yield the result of the particular experiment. This can, at-the-best, provide an approximate version of the 'real-world ...

Science Experiments on Solubility. Many of the substances people use daily, including shampoo, gasoline and milk, are mixtures. When mixtures are homogenous, meaning the particles of each substance are mixed evenly, they create a solution. Solutions form when the attraction between the solute, a substance that ... See full list on