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Of course, we can use the formula to calculate MLE of the parameter λ in the Poisson model as: λˆ =X (please check this yourselves.) For the purpose of demonstrating the use of R, let us just use this Poisson distribution as an example. The first step is of course, input the data. If the data are stored in a file (*.txt, or in excel

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Weibull Analysis is a methodology for determining reliability characteristics and trends from field and/or test data. It allows decisions to be made based on a limited amount data. A special case with very few data points is WeiBayes Analysis.

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Detailed Weibull Analysis packaged in an easy to use, intuitive user interface, delivering all the power without the puzzle. Get to the results you need fast, with our highly optimised computational engine; supporting industry standard estimation and median rankings. Your data sets can include both failure data and suspensions, so you can account for those units running as intended.

Excel Function: Excel provides the following function in support of the Weibull distribution. WEIBULL.DIST(x, β, α, cum) where αandβare the parameters in Definition 1 and cum= TRUE or FALSE WEIBULL.DIST(x, β, α, FALSE) = the value of the Weibull pdf f(x) at xSo excel provides the inbuilt statistical function to get weibull distribution function results. Let's understand how to use the WEIBULL.DIST function to work as an weibull distribution calculator. WEIBULL.DIST Function in Excel. WEIBULL.DIST is a statistical function which returns the weibull distribution at a particular value. When alpha = 1, WEIBULL.DIST returns the exponential distribution with: Example Copy the example data in the following table, and paste it in cell A1 of a new Excel worksheet.